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Talk to me - A conversation icon replacement mod

Are you tired of making the same old boring jokes whenever your sims mention pearl necklaces and hot stew? Do you wish the kids would talk about something else than weird monsters and math?

Introducing: Talk to me: a speech icon replacement mod!

I have made a thing ^^ “Talk to me” is a default replacement, replacing (almost) all speech icons with TS4 speech icons.

I got the idea for this mod when I saw Simbury's beautiful regency game with period appropriate conversation topics in the speech bubbles. I search for the mod, found it, and was bummed I don't play a period game. So I decided to make my own replacement mod. And after months of careful testing and tweaking, I guess it's ready to be shared.

The mod is separated in folders, so you can chuck out whatever EP you don't have.

Basegame replacements:

general icons (like “am I pregnant?” “route fail” etc. )

Children conversation:

Politics / Finance / Environment:

Crime / Entertainment / Culture:

Food / Health / Fashion:

Sports / Supernatural / Travel:

Work / Weather / Animals:

School / Toys / Sci-Fi


These appear in the thought bubbles of your pets:

Outside / Food / Playtime:

Scary things / Basic / Sleep:

Hunger (cat / dog):


Books: (these appear while reading a book):

Children's book:

Cook book

Drama book:

Mystery book:

Romance book:

Sci-Fi book:

Conversations: (these appear when selecting "Talk... About Hobby", or when reading the hobby section in the paper)

Arts and Crafts:


Film and Literature:

Fitness and Health:



Music and Dance:




Apartment Life:

In AL, sims can tell each other stories. These icons will appear:

Art story:

Computer story:

Fame story

Mechanics story:

Sports Story

And that's it. To install, simply put the files in your DL folder. To uninstall, simply take them out ^^

~ Download Replacement mod


ClstlDrmr83 @ plumbobkeep, for the mod I based mine off.

TheSimsKid and Puremorpin, for extracting the icons I used.


Not all icons will be replaced, as seen here:

This is not an error, but seems to have something to do with where the game draws it's icons from. That bear icon does change when you have default replacement toys, for instance.


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