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Converting objects from TS4

- the probably less than practical way. Also known as "God I hope I still know how to use LJ"

Hi there, and welcome to this tutorial. Over time, I've been getting a bunch of asks asking me how to convert objects from TS4. And instead of going the easy way and making a video, I decided to type it all out. (Because nobody wants to hear my heavy accent mumbling. You're welcome btw.)

So this tutorial. What do we need?
-Sims 4 Studio

To use Sims 4 Studio, you need to have Sims 4 installed. Just so you know.

1. Open Sims 4 Studio. Under Object, click Create 3D Mesh. After that, click on Object

2. Here you see all objects that came with the game. Scroll until you find the one you want to convert.

3. Found it! Click on the object you want to convert to select it and click Next.

4. Tadaa. Let's export the texture first. Click on Export and save the image in a place you'll remember.

5. Go to the tab Meshes. Here you can export the mesh. This is also the place where you can check to polycount, if you're "poly-conscious" like me XD
Click on Export Mesh and save it somewhere you'll remember.

6. Open your mesh export in Blender. This is Blender *points* I know nothing of Blender. I don't know what all the buttons do, Blender scares me. I know just enough to convert ><

7. In the right-hand menu, select one of the inverted triangles. Check each of them until you have the right part selected. The selection will have an orange outline. You want the mesh itself, not the shadows on the ground (or wall, if you're doing a wall deco).

8. Once you have the mesh part selected, go To File>Export>wavefront obj.

9. These are my settings. I've probably checked some unnecessary things. Sorry about that.
Once you've set your settings, click Export in the upper-right corner.

10. Time to head into SimPe. Open the Object Workshop, find one of the ingame room dividers and click on Clone

11. You can leave the name and catalog description for later, but I always like to get it out of the way.

12. You can get the name and catalog description from Sims 4 Studio, under the tab Catalog. Just copy and paste in into SimPe.

13. Give your object an unique name. Click on update, then on OK. This will ensure your new object doesn't overwrite the original.

14. In the next screen, check the box next to Update all MMAT's. After that, click on Get GUID.

15. Click on Register Object

16. Click on Update and click commit when you're done.

17. In the resource tree, click on Geometric Data Container. Then click on Import at the bottom of the screen.

18. Navigate to your object-file and click import.

19. You'll get the mesh import screen. click on your mesh and in the right bottom corner, click on the drop down menu labeled Action.
Choose Replace.

20. In the drop down menu below that, pick the part of the mesh you want to replace. There's usually two, one for the actual object and one for the shadow. Pick the part for the object and click OK.
Click on Commit when you're done.

21. In the resource tree, click on Texture image and select the texture of the object. In the plugin view, right click on the image, choose import DDS and navigate to your exported Sims 4 texture.
click on Commit.

22. To make sure your new object doesn't mess with the original, go to Tools > Object Tools > Fix integrity.
The screen works the same as the one for step 13. Save when you're done.

Time to test the object!

And there we go, one TS4 object, converted to TS2 ^^

I hope this was helpful! *crosses fingers
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