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Calypso Island - Week 5: Burkett

Welcome back to Calypso Island. Last time, Lily got maried and had a cute baby girl with Lee. I think that was about it for her round :)
To spice things up, I decided to use the Random Event Generator, let's see what it has in store for Lily and her family

Monday starts normal, with Lynn and Kieran both being adorable.

But then...

It's starts the next morning. First the pancakes she had for breakfast make a rather unexpected reaperance.

Then the pounding headaches start.

Lily comes home from work, exhausted and nauscious. She's been hoping her symtoms are from the slightly burned pancakes Lee cooked her that morning.

"Uhm Lee?"


"I think I might be pregnant..."

(with the first pop, Lily totally broke the 4th wall and looked at me like this.)

"Very funny, Lil."

It's a double birthday.

Kieran grows up well. He's a pleasure sim with a LTW to get 50 dream dates. He also rolls over-emotional and diva. Oh my.

Lynn rolls commitmend issues.

Time to get started on those 50 dream dates. Kieran calls the only other teen girl he knows.

Rue Carr. They take Lily's car to T&T Burgers.

After a lot of hugging and flirting Kieran asks Rue to be his girlfriend.

Dream dates: 1/50 ^_^

Lily gives birth to a baby boy, named Lyle.

Luckily this isn't awkward at all.

Kieran is awake and calls the fire department.

Lily aged to elder.

At this point I started to wonder aboit Lily's liftime want.


Kieran gets a genie lamp.

On the last day of this week, it's time for Lyle's first birthday.

And that's all for this week. I saw Deedeesims ending her rounds with a family picture and I thought it was a really cute idea. So I'll be stealing it. Poor Lily, I really hope she'll be around long enough to reach that LTW...

thanks for reading! ♥
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