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29 July 2015 @ 03:08 am
calypso island - week 4: Morgan  

Welcome back to Calypso Island! It's been a while, hasn't it. Don't feel bad if you need to read back, I know I did ;)
Anyway, last time clouds were gathering over the Morgan farm. Kevin develped feelings for the girl he hired to be cashier. This could mean the end for the Morgan marriage (and would be the second unseuccesful relationship for Kevin)

Summer has noticed something is up, but what will she do? And can their marriage survive this? Let's find out!

Summer felt like she was just going through the motions. There was more than enough to do, to keep her occupied, but her heart wasn't in it and she felt her mind wandering.

Maybe... maybe she was just imagining it?

Maybe she hadn't found out anything, because there was nothing to find?

Maybe the distance was in her heart, not in Kevin's?

"Summer? Summer? Are you okay? You've hardly touched your plate."

"Oh I'm sorry. I had a long day. That's all"

But that wasn't "all". But it hard to talk about something, when you're not really sure what the problem is.

Because of the summer vacation, Amy was home from school. She spend most of the time teaching Cymmi to play dead, but Cymmi was a slow learner.

Amy could also help with the vegetable patch.

She also helped out with the twins, playing with them so Summer had her hands free for a bit.

Although the twins played really well together.

On wednesday morning, Amy invited her half-brother Kieran over to come and play.

Because of the summer vacation, Kieran was allowed to stay after dark. But eventually he had to go home

"Do you want to come in and say bye to dad too?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Okay. Sleep well!"

The next morning, Summer looked at the calendar. It was Bonfire Night. Remebering last Bonfire Night, she went to the phone and started dialing.

And so the second ever Bonfire Night celebration took place on the Morgan Farm.

The party was a roof raiser. For the first time all week, Summer was feeling something else than worry. It was great seeing all of her friends on the farm. Even Rosie turned up and Summer knew how she wasn't a fan of crowds.

The next night was a festive one too. Because of the bonfire party the night before, Summer didn't feel like throwing a big birthday party. So it was just her little family when Ethan and Emma aged up.

That night, Jake suddenly woke up. He grabbed his phone and started dialing.

"Hello? This is Lieutenant Jake Morgan. I'm calling in a 459."

"Oh my Watcher! She's stealing the chicken coop!"

Luckily one of Jake's collegues responded quickly.

And the burglar was caught.

"Those poor chickens. They must have been so scared!"

"Ethan, are you crying? It's okay to cry, you know?"

"Shut up Emma! I'm not crying!"

To cheer her kids (and herself) up, Summer too her kids to the beach for a day of summer fun.

But then Emma got sunburned and it was time to go home.

"So you have to stay inside for the rest of the week?"

"Mom said: Better safe than sorry."

"I guess she's right."

"Sooooo, what should we do?"

"I know," said Ethan, "let's all make a drawing and then we can take it to mom and then she can judge it and tell us who's best."

"I like that idea," said Amy. "Let's all draw the same thing. That way it's easier to see which one is best!"

"I know, I know!" shouted Ethan. "Let's draw an aligator!"

"Ready? Get set! Go!"

Sunday evening, Kevin was helping Summer out woth the dishes.

"Thanks for helping, Kev. And i didn't even have to ask."

"I was thinking, maybe next week, you could take a day off and we could do something nice. Just you and me, together?"

"Seriously Summer? I have to work my ass off in the store! I really don't have time to sit around, unlike you!"

"Unlike me? Unlike me!? Well Kevin Morgan, YOU, UNLIKE ME, CAN SLEEP ON THE COUCH"

And so he did.


Yay, update! \o/
This took a while and this week was pretty uneventful :| Sorry about that! Hopefully next week will be a little bit more entertaining? Thanks for reading!
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Keonikeoni_chan on October 10th, 2015 05:03 pm (UTC)
I'm so sorry I took this long to reply, life has been so hectic! It's great to see you again too. I'm doing great, I hope you are as well ^^

to answer your question, I have spookymuffin's lighting mod, which slightly increases the brightness of the game. Other than that, it's mostly photoshop. I cheat XD

That pirate island is so cute, it's my favorite CC doll house. I got it from julsfels <ahref="http://julsfels.tumblr.com/post/78498808941/thanks-to-all-followers-i-got-several-wcifs">here</a>