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Calypso Island - Week 03 : Morgan


Welcome back to Calypso Island! Last time, the Morgan family had a week filled with drama and fighting. But there were also some nice things happening. Kevin married Summer and they had a little girl named Amy.

Jake had a hard time being a single Romance sim on an island devoid of available men. But luckily week 3 started with a sudden rise of random townies wandering the island. So maybe this will be the week Jake finally gets some action too? Let's find out!


Monday morning starts at the breakfast table.

"You know, I enjoy spending a lot of time with you sweetie. But what will we do for money? We can't just keep on leaching of Jake's salary, can we?"

"I guess not Summer. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, we had a pretty good harvest, right? We could open a little shop. Not like the stall you used to have, but an actual shop?"


Kevin liked the idea, so Summer asked Terri (apparently everyone's favorite babysitter) to watch Amy until Jake came home from work. Terri was happy to help out.


Summer and Kevin opened Farm Fresh Groceries, a tiny convenient store selling fruits and vegetables and a few frozen goods. Their first day was a huge success and they gained two business levels.


Back home, Jake came home from work. He thanked Terri for staying with Amy and took over as babysitter.


While little Amy was playing with the pets, Jake stared out of the window. It was then when someone caught his eye. Could it be?


The man standing in the front yard didn't really blow his mind. But still, he was reasonably attractive and it was the first time Jake had felt anything instead of general romantic boredom in over two weeks. So he rushed out to see if his romantic moves had gotten rusty.


The hadn't. And although his feelings for Fergus weren't even close to true love, Fergus was a great kisser and not opposed to a little fun.


The next morning, Summer wasn't feeling that great.


So Kevin kissed her goodbye and told her not to worry.

"Business is going great, my dear. I'll hire some help, it'll be okay."



Kevin hired Portia. She had just come to Calypso Island, looking for a place to settle down. Portia had prior experience as a cashier, so she was perfect for the job.


Back home, Jake brought a friend home from work. Tiago an him had just finished their patrol and Jake invited him in for a cup of coffee.


Terri chose that moment to walk by.

"You're new aren't you?"

"I guess you could say that."

"Awesome! Are you free for dinner?"

"I think Jake invited me for dinner."

"Did he now?"


And so Terri invited herself for dinner too.


That evening Summer found out why she wasn't feeling that great.



Although the ground was still a little frozen, it was the first day of spring. Jake got op bright and early to start planting the new crops.


And when Kevin finally dragged his ass out of bed an hour later, he helped Jake out. The farm was technically Kevin's responsibility now, but being a Nature sim, Jake loved to help out.


Business was still going well. That day, they received a good review and an award.


Kevin celebrated their accomplishment with Portia and gave her a raise.


Back home, Summer had Lily over for tea.

"I don't know, Lily. He was so considerate at first. But lately he doesn't even look at me. What do you have to do to keep your man interested?"


"You're not seriously asking me how to keep Kevin interested in you, are you? Obviously I did a very poor job at that."

"Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry! That was so tactless of me!"

"No, it's okay. You know, it'll be Lover's Day tomorrow. You could surprise him with a really good dinner. I think I have some recipes  you can borrow."


"That would be great, thanks Lily."


But it was no fun going to bed alone every night.



The next morning, Kevin went to work a little later than usual. He spend some time with his little girl first.


And fixed the TV that had been broken for a few days.



They had another great day. Farm Fresh Groceries became a level 5 business.


"I'm sorry for keeping you this late every evening, Portia. You must have other things to do too. You can take the day off tomorrow, if you want."

"No, that's okay Mr Morgan. I can really use the money."


"And I don't mind putting in long hours... if the reward is good..."


Back home, Summer was on auto-pilot. she had no idea why this pregnancy seemed so much harder than the last one. It was like she was tired all the time.


On one hand it was a good thing everyone was at work. The silent house meant lots of naps. But it would have been nice to have some help.


When he came home from work, Jake invited Fergus over for a Lover's Day Date.


They watched a scary movie together on the couch. Jake didn't care much for scary movies, comedies were more his things. But Fergus seemed to enjoy them.




"I don't know why daddy is so late, Amy. Maybe I should get started on dinner anyway?"


At 9, Kevin finally walked in.

"Hi sweetie, how was your day?"

"Oh, it was fine."

"I'm making your favorite..."

"That's nice, could you put my plate in the fridge? I'm going to bed."



So Summer served her romantic dinner to Fergus and Jake instead. Halfway through, Kevin decided to join in after all.

"Was more hungry that I thought. It smells great."


"Right... Night everyone."



"So, this might be non of my business, but you do realize she cooked this especially for you?"

"Huh? Why would she do that?"

"Well, it's Lover's Day after all."

"You're kidding, right?"



"Well, Summer knows how busy I've been. I'm sure she understands."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that brother," Jake said, shaking his head.

"Oh alright, I'll make it up to her."


"Hey Summer, about today, I..."

"So NOT the time right now Kevin!"


Summer gave birth to not one, but two little Morgan babies that night. Amy would grow up soon, so the two cribs were crammed into her nursery for the time being.


Summer had a girl, Emma,


and a little boy named Ethan.


The next evening, it was time for Amy's birthday. Exhausted, Summer decided against a big party.




Sunday morning, Summer invited Lily and Kieran over, so Amy could get to know her half-brother.





Kevin had gone to work. That evening, while tidying up, Portia approached him.

"You know, Mr Morgan, if you'd want to spend some more time at home, I would be more than happy to manage the store for you."


"That's not a bad idea, I might have to take you up on that."

"Always happy to help, Mr Morgan."

"What would I do without you, Portia? And please, call me Kevin."

"Alright... Kevin."


What am I doing?


Back home, Amy made friends with a stray cat named Waggles.


And after a lot of puppy eyes, Summer allowed Waggles to come live with them too.


Sunday evening, it was time for the twins' first birthday.


Emma turned out to be blond, like her mother.


And little Ethan looked just like his father.

Kevin seems to be setting himself up for more drama. I can't really blame him, Portia and Kevin have 3 bolts. For reference, Lily was 2 bolts, Summer is 2 bolts too. I guess this is like settling down with a great girl and then meeting the love of your life a week later. So will Kevin leave Summer for Portia? I honestly don't know. I'll keep a close eye on his want panel ;)

Jake and Fergus have only one bolt. Jake doesn't want a serious relationship (he even fears one), but he had been alone for so long, I figured he'd welcome some action.

I'm slowly filling the Townie pool. I made most of the sims myself, but I did download a few of Lilith's sims. Both Tiago and the black-haired woman with the glasses were made by her.
Tags: bacc, calypso island

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