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Calypso Island - Week 01: Fueller


Welcome back to Calypso Island! Last week, Remi Fueller left Summer, his girlfriend, and moved in with Rosie Carr. Which means Summer will have to start her round all on her own. Which was not how she planned it. Let's see how she's holding up.


Monday morning starts with Terri dropping by to check on Summer.

"How are you holding up?"

"Okay, I guess. Thanks so much for dropping by Terri."

"Don't mention it."


They had breakfast together, as Summer filled Terri in on all the developments. Remi had obviously moved on; a very pregnant Rosie walking by was proof of that. Summer wanted nothing more than to move on too, but that's not easy in a house you build together.

"You know what we should do? Make it over! Make the place your own! I'll go and grab the paint brushes."


And after an afternoon of hard work, the place looked totally different.

"You see?" Terri said, "Now it's totally your home."


"Thanks Terri."

"Any time."


But the bed was still the same. And going to bed alone would take some getting used to.


The next morning, Summer wanted to invite Remi over. She didn't want to win him back, that ship had sailed. But he had been a part of her life for so long. Maybe they had a shot at being "just friends"?


The way he greeted her was almost as old times. Summer closed her eyes as pressed her body closer to his. But not too close, she reminded herself, this was just a hug between old friends.


"So you remodeled?"

"I did, Terri helped me."

"It's nice! I like it, very cheerful."

"Thank you."


He sat down next to her on the couch.

"Remi... What happened between us?"

"Geez Summer, I don't know. I wish I did."

"Was it something I did?"

"No, it wasn't you. I..."

"So it was her!"

"What? No! It just... kinda happened. I never planned it. Neither did Rosie."


"You liar! I saw you making googly eyes at her on the boat! And how you insisted on visiting her as soon as we settled down. Don't you lie to me Remi Fueller!"


"I'm not lying! I'm very sorry I hurt you like this, but it's not like I planned to fall in love with Rosie. It just happened, okay?"

"Sure it did!"


"Fine. Have it your way. It's not like I'll be able to change your mind.

Whatever, Summer. I'm going home."

"You can't go home! We're going to talk about this right now!"


There's nothing left to talk about... Bye Summer.


Terri had lend Summer a couple of books, including "No more Drama Llamas - a girl's guide to getting over him". It was a big load of crap, as far as Summer was concerned, but she decided to try out one of the tips.


Pottery is a great way to channel your violent tenancies. Instead of kicking over his garbage can, use the clay to mold something new. This symbolizes they way you'll be able to mold your current situation into something better.



But maybe pottery wasn't really her thing.


But she wasn't giving up that easily. Another part of the book suggested getting a makeover, to symbolize a new start. Summer hated makeovers with a passion, but the book did give her an idea.


So the next morning she invited Terri over to test her new purchase.


"I still don't see why I need a makeover?"

"You don't. But if I want to open my very own beauty salon down the road, I need someone to practice on!"


Summer's first ever makeover turned out to be successful. Summer spend the rest of the afternoon trying all sorts of styles on Terri's long red hair.


"You know what you should do? Get the other neighbors involved. you can't spend all the time practicing on me, it'll be better if you practiced on different people."

"You think?"

"I sure do! You should call Lily, I'm sure she'd love to help out."



As it turned out, Lily didn't mind at all.


"Oh my..."

"What? what did you do?"


"You'd better see for yourself..."


"I'll fix it! I'll fix it!"



Summer spend the next couple of days practicing her skills on every neighbor that walked by. Some went very well. Others... not so much.




On Thursday evening, Summer became friends with a stray dog named Abbey. Even with her makeover station, the nights were still pretty lonely. So she adopted Abbey.


But with a new pet came a couple of new challenges,




As Saturday rolled by, Summer tried to convince Kevin to help her with her makeovers. She paused when she heard footsteps coming to a sudden stop. When she turned around, she saw Rosie standing there, giving her an awkward wave.


"I heard your practicing makeovers, Summer. I hope it's going well."

"It is, actually."

"I'm glad."

"Say, Rosie. Would you mind hanging around? I want to practice my makeovers on as many people as possible."

"Of course!"


But Kevin was up first.


Unfortunately, his makeover didn't go so well.


That evening, Summer's house was filled with people. It was nice having a house full of guests, but Summer avoided looking at Rosie if she didn't have to.

Rosie had been nice and friendly and even helped out with cooking and cleaning. She hadn't brought up Remi and Summer was glad she didn't. Rosie seemed like a nice girl, but Summer wasn't sure if she wanted to be friends with her. The only reason she was permitted to stay for dinner, was that it wasn't very neighborly to kick her out when everyone else got to stay.





And as Sunday ended, Summer got into to bed on "his" side instead of her own. Maybe she would be okay on her own.


Poor Summer. I really hope I'll be able to unlock townies or new residents for her soon. She keeps rolling a want to fall in love.

Anyway, this concluded the first week of Calypso Island. It was really more eventful then I thought it would be XD I need to post a summary of the first week. And after that it'll be time for round 2 :D
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