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Calypso Island - Meet the Settlers


So, I decided to start another BACC :) I'll be using the rules from Nepheris and I really can't wait to get started. So here's a first post. Get ready to meet the settles from Calypso Island.


When Lily signed up to “explore strange new worlds” this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. To make matters even worse, by signing up first Lily automatically became the leader of the party.
She’s promised to do her best to make Calypso Island into a thriving community (and hopes her best will be good enough).


As forth and fifth brother in line, chances of inheriting the family farm were pretty slim. So when an opportunity presented itself in the form of new land, the Morgan brothers didn't hesitate to jump on board.
But neither Kevin nor Jake ever had to work with land that has never been tilled...


Terri is just looking for a quiet place to write her book, thank you very much. An apartment with noisy upstairs-, downstairs, and next door neighbors is not the place for that. So when she heard "unexplored", Terri immediately thought "nice and quiet" and she signed up.
Hopefully inspiration will strike on the sunlit shores of Calypso Island.


Like Terri, Rosie is also looking for a little peace and quiet. And a little faith never hurt anyone. Rosie is hoping that the piece and quiet of Calypso Island will bring her closer to the Watcher. After that unfortunate incident with her roomie and the randomly disapearing door, she hopes that a deeper bond will stop those things from happening.


Summer and Remi do everything as a team. So when Remi wanted to join the settlers, Summer tagged along. They don't really have a plan for Calypso Island, but the pictures looked pretty and it seemed like a nice environment to start a family.
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