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Happy Birthday Hafiseazale!

It's Hafi's birthday, so I made her two gifts that I hope will go well with her medieval/Westeros game :)

The first one is Newsea's Syren hair in Lilith/Remi textures and 5 pooklet colors (dynamite, depth charge, molotov, incendiary and volatile). I usually don't do volatile, but I thought "OMG, this hair is perfect for Daenerys" and she's one very light blond. So here we are :3 Converted to all ages by Trapping.

The second gift is 4 recolors of Cynnix Swan Dress which was converted from TSM. This one almost screamed crazy-lady-who-goes-on-about-the-lord-of-fire, but I made some other colors too :3 You can see all of them in this here swatch


I really hope you like your gifts Hafi! *hugs* And many happy returns! <|:D

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