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Last time, Tallullah became a child, Colin maxed his cooking skill and Sharlene was still stuck one promotion short of her LTW. Who know, maybe she'll get it this time around. It's kinda her last chance (signs of a looming heir poll? Why yes)

Pig died. It was kinda sad. His cage was dirty and so it looked much worse than it actually was. Dead bird... flies... green fumes. Ugh!

Colin already completed one challenge (maxed his cooking skill) so now all he has to do is win a cooking contest :)

The cooking contest was held in slyndsey's Iron Chef lot, because it is awesome, awesomely CC free and Hobby lots don't work in my game :)

Cosette tries to teach Sophie boxing. Sophie is more of a ballet dancer than a fierce boxer xD

Despite her lonely 1 neat point, Cosette does sometimes clean autonomously.

This family loves that violin.

Tallullah catches a fish almost as big as she is.

I dragged the twins to one of Voleste's Magic Town lots, but I picked the wrong one. This is the supernatural supermarket lot. Oops.

Cosette finds ways to entertain herself though.

Sharlene wanted to enter a cooking contest too.

The hamburgers are hers.

After that, all my girls rolled the want to win a dancing contest. So it's off to the club.
There I learned I used the wrong DJ booth. I also learned something else, but we'll get to that ;)

And then Sharlene and Colin both rolled the want to win a cooking contest. Fine, a face-off it is :)

Colin won btw. Sharlene doesn't even bat an eye.

Poor ignored Sharlene...

I was so preoccupied with Cosette and her acne, I totally missed Tallullah's birthday D:

 I was kinda silently rooting for Cosette, but I really like how Tallullah turned out. Good thing I don't have to pick XD

The twins hauled their little sister to the club test the new DJ booth.

Remeber that I said I learned 2 things? One being there are actually two booths. The other one was that apparently the booth can't be on a tiny stage -_-

One last shot of the potential heirs

I was going to do another update at first, to show more of TeenTallullah (Cosette and Sophie are two days away of becoming adults), but I've been dragging my round out long enough as it is. So, this is the last update.

An heir poll and Loveland dowloads will go up in a second :)
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