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Last time, Colin and Sharlene had another baby girl, Tallulah. And Sophie and Cosette continued to be adorable. Also Colin didn't get demoted anymore, which is good.

Cosette uses Sharlene's career reward. Since she has studied physiology, she gains 3 skillpoints in about 1 simhour. Cheaty without actually cheating XD

Sophie on the phone with the nanny. She calls all the time, it's starting to annoy me.

Cosette and her favorite hobby.

Sophie and her favorite hobby.

They still have the bird too. As soon as someone rolls the want to set him free, he's out. I'll get them a hamster or something.

Sharlene takes her girls to the pool.

Colin got another promotion!

I installed a hack that get's rid of those zzzz's. Unfortunately, if a sim was already sleeping, the get perma-zzz until you sent them to bed again. Since Tallulah can't go to be on her own, she'll have the floating zzz's until she ages up.

Nanny fail

Cosette has only one neat point, so she makes a huge mess every time she showers. I made her clean her mess.

She's thrilled.

Tallulah ages up. (and my game needs more lights)

Colin baked some crepes for practice. Sharlene insisted on doing the flambes bit.

Colin working on his cooking skill

Amongst other things xD

Another trip to the pool, this time with the entire family.

Poor Sharlene. She wasn't even in the pool or anything.

Sharlene peeing herself was the cue to go home.

Colin and Sophie are so not laughing behind her back XD

Colin maxes his cooking skill. That's one part of this challenge complete! :D

In case you don't remember this is the challenge for the generation:
Diets Suck: This generation’s heir has the challenge of learning how to prepare all meals. They must then put their new-found talent to the test and win a cooking competition. Let the best meal win!

Cosette is a Fortune Sim. She's attracted to smelly hard workers, but they have to be in shape.

Sophie is a Romance Sim, who attracted to black-haired and creative sims. She's not into brown hair.

And that's all for this week. Next time, Tallulah will probably be a teen and we get closer and closer to that heir poll. And Colin will be dragged to a cooking competition :)

Thanks for reading! 
Tags: loveland, rrl

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