March 17th, 2014

sims llama

Calypso Island - Week 02 : Morgan


Welcome back to Calypso Island. It's time to check in with the Morgans. Last week, Kevin and Jake opened the first business on Calypso Island, selling the produce from their small farm. Business was going great. Shame the same couldn't be said about their personal life. Jake hasn't found that one special sim to share his life with.

Jake had a very non-existent love life, but his brother Kevin more than made up for that. After hooking up-breaking up-and hooking up again with Lily Burkett, Kevin surprised everyone by kissing Summer Fueller the night his son Keiran was born. Lily broke up with him and now all of Calypso Island is wondering what Kevin's next move will be. There are still two girls on Calypso Island he hasn't kissed. But he wouldn't... or would he? Let's find out!

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