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Welcome to my LJ :) Please note that you don't have to friend me in order to see my sims posts. Only personal stuff will be Friends-only (and I hardly ever post anything personal anyway )

+ The List (very much a WIP, so if you need to find something and it's not there, feel free to shoot me a message)

My Links:
+ my simblr
+ my downloads (Archive of everything I made and shared. WIP, I'm almost at my picture limit, so this will take a few days to comlete)
+ my livestream channel

Story: The Dragon Scroll (in progress)
When a group of ninja attack her village, Rei is trusted with the sacred Dragon Scroll. In order to keep it safe, she has to travel trough the forest to the next village. However, the leader of the ninja will not let the scroll go that easily.

+ Link to all the chapters

Story: Fallen
Coming soon

BACC: Shakerfield Springs (hiatus, untill I figure out all the bugs)
+ Link to index
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